XR training.

scenario based
Decsision making

Combatica allows Law Enforcement, Special Forces and Security to train better, with Dynamic AI-Based Scenarios, Force-on-Force Training and Tactical Instruction. This allows agencies to achieve higher readiness at a lower cost.

Simple To use

Combatica does not require bulky backpack PCs, cables, sensors or cameras.

Fully Mobile

Combatica packs in a portable hard case, and can be deployed in any room in minutes.

High Flexibility

Combatica allows the instructor to build their own scenarios, no coding required.

Dynamic AI-Based Scenarios

Combatica delivers realistic scenarios that react dynamically to the trainee's actions. Using AI-Based adversaries, suspects, civilians and vehicles that can interact with the trainee and each other, each Combatica session is challenging and different.

Diverse and growing content library

Combatica's XR System includes a large and growing collection of realistic Synthetic Environments and AI-Based Scenarios, curated by Combatica's Design Partners in the Law Enforcement space and developed by our in-house Studio.

Track Training Data

Combatica's Data Engine automatically tracks Trainee performance throughout the Session. From Shot Count and Accuracy to analysis of Friendly Fire Incidents and Civilian Hits, Combatica's Data Engine allows the Instructor to generate meaningful insights from the Training Data.

The XR Platform
for combat training

Copyright 2023 © Combatica - All rights reserved

Copyright 2023 © Combatica - All rights reserved

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